Aware Furniture Takes Pride of Place at New Venue

Furniture builders from Aware, Robert Butler and Roland Touzel and Production Supervisor Dylan Muggivan test out their pallet furniture. Photo: TruPics

While there is excitement among casual foodies about the new Albury Street Food & Bar precinct at the SS&A, one group of locals is particularly looking forward to enjoying the outdoor venue.

Aware Employment furniture builders were commissioned to build bar stools, tables and chairs from recycled pallets, as part of the precinct’s fit-out.

Aware Production Supervisor Dylan Muggivan says it’s one of the biggest projects his team has undertaken.

“We have pushed them a bit – we haven’t done an order probably that big before – with 12 single seated chairs, 40 bar stools and five bar tables, but it was a good challenge and the guys did really well,” he said.

Furniture builder Roland Touzel says there was great pride in putting this order together.

“Starting the job was a bit nervous, because our work is going to be looked at by a lot of people, but also could bring more business for us, which is great in the long run” Roland said.

Sharon Preiss from Aware says there’s been a lot of ‘chatter’ about the project.

“They’ve very excited and definitely can’t wait to have a look at it – even the people who don’t work on the furniture,” Sharon said.

“It’s a great opportunity for our guys and very morale building.

“They love being part of the community and knowing the furniture they made is being seen here with our logos on is really exciting.

“Everything we do we focus on sustainability, but also providing really good jobs and opportunity for growth for people with disability.”

Albury Street Food & Bar will be open on selected Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during the warmer months.