An Eclectic Photographic Exhibition

John Osmond's first solo exhibition to feature at The Secret Cup.

The Secret Cup café is a gallery space with many different angles, making it a perfect fit for photographer John Osmond’s first solo exhibition titled, “Eclectic.”

Images included in the exhibition range from vast landscapes to the intricacies of the plant world and dramatic ways of water.

Photography by John Osmond

The various themes showcase a photographic journey that began in 2009 when the West Albury resident stopped working full-time and followed his ‘passion’ for capturing images.

John then kick-started his new life behind a camera by studying photographic editing at TAFE for two years to learn more about the craft.

“My images have definitely improved over the years,” John said. “There is much more depth now.”

Photograph by John Osmond.

“I’m partial to black and white. There is something about not relying on colour. You have to rely on light and shape instead so the subject itself becomes enhanced.”

Around 20 photographic works will be on display, most of which John already had framed to go when the opportunity arose to be a featured artist at The Secret Cup.

John Osmond

The Wodonga High Street café generously lends its high-ceiling heritage building and natural light to give local artists like John a place to display their works.

Since opening in 2016, owners Jane and Mick Keats have invited a different artist each month, providing customers with a vibrant and ever-changing décor.

“I’m involved in the Albury Wodonga Photography Group and have been exhibited a few times at Gateway Island Gallery and Studio, but this is the first time on my own,” John said.

“I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

In the lead-up to his exhibition, John is continuing to build up his landscape portfolio as the weather allows.

“Some days the light is no good so I just plan and research,” he said.

“It’s part-and-parcel of landscape photography.”

“I’m also developing an interest in photographing other artworks, including jewellery, sculpture and paintings.

*     *    *

What: ‘Eclectic’ photographic exhibition

When: 28th February to 26th March 2018

Where: The Secret Cup, 86a High Street, Wodonga.

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**All artworks at the exhibition will be on sale**