‘Border Sisterhood’ Digs Deep at Inaugural Fundraiser

The Border Sisterhood: Tracey Hicks, Steph Garoni, Tracy Wortmann, Kylie King, Karen Randall, Georgia Randall & Jan Bence. Photo: TruPics

Women across the Border and North East have opened their hearts and finances to give generously at an inaugural ladies luncheon, raising money for UMFC.

The Border Sisterhood is a group of like-minded women who have banded together to help attract much needed finances for vulnerable families, children and individuals who utilise the services of UMFC.

Their first event, a ladies luncheon was a sell-out of 140 guests, with $18,450 raised through the sale of tickets, a charity auction, raffle and cash donations.

For more on UMFC: https://www.umfc.com.au/