Gallery Launches with an Exhibition of ‘The Silk Road”

A new gallery 'Alkermi' launched at Corowa Jewellery. Photo: TruPics

Corowa Jewellery has expanded by adding a gallery, Alkermi which is currently showcasing the first solo exhibition by photographer Toni Harris.

Harris, along with Corowa Jewellery owner Steve Lane, always intended to establish a gallery as part of the jewellery shop, with a focus on showcasing local artists.

Border Cafe was invited to look at gallery’s first exhibit, featuring photography from The Silk Road and spoke with photographer and gallery curator Toni Harris.

Where did the name of the gallery originate from?

Alkermi comes from my background interest in science where “Alchemy” was seen to be an ancient form of science that turned base metals to gold.

Photographer Toni Harris talking about some of her work featured at the current exhibition.

What can you tell us about your first exhibition of photography, captured during your travels?

“The Silk Road Exhibition” takes in six countries along The Silk Road , Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.

What is your most memorable photo captured while travelling the silk road?

When we were in Iran, we were invited into a family’s home for lunch. They are known as “the white ladies” and wear white instead of black dress. They were so welcoming, warm and friendly and the photo I captured of the matriarch of the family tells a tale.

What is it you strive to express with your photos?

I hope that my images tell a story or capture a moment that in turn gets the viewer asking the question- what’s going on?

Is there a particular photographer that inspire you most?

I love Ansel Adams’ work (landscape photographer and environmentalist). Dark, foreboding, stunning black and white photos that are timeless.

Where is the next destination for you and your lens?

In collaboration with Corowa Travel, we will be offering a trip next year starting on the 26th August, an ‘Images of the Caucasus’ tour for 15 days taking in Georgia and Armenia. Sundowners Overland is the travel company and I will be the photography guide. We’ll take a small group of no more than 12 people. They are taking bookings now for the trip.

What future exhibits are going to feature at the new gallery?

Christmas will feature all local artists from the Corowa Rutherglen area.