A Response to be Proud of

Our First Responders installation on the Manns Building in Wodonga.

A project that pays tribute and gives voice to those who risked their lives and livelihoods to protect our community from the devastating summer bushfires has finally been installed.

Our First Responders project includes a combination of large scale images on the Manns Building in High Street Wodonga and a series of 6 podcast episodes that capture the first person experiences of three first responders.

Curator Aimee Chan is apologetic about the delay, but pleased the installation is complete and already being appreciated by visitors.

Curator Aimee Chan.

“I am so relieved and proud that this project has finally been able to be installed,” Aimee told Border Cafe.

“We have had several set-backs due to social distancing requirements and I have felt a lot of anxiety over the last few months that the first responders would feel our community had forgotten about them.

“I hope this installation shows we have not forgotten and provides a place for us all to stop, reflect and consider what we went through collectively.

“Every cent to cover the costs for this project (which were considerable) was donated by small and local businesses and all the labour was volunteered free of charge – no one was paid to participate. I think this shows the strength of the people of Albury Wodonga, our generosity of spirit and how we can get through this terrible year by all coming together and doing our part.”

For more on the project: https://ourfirstresponders.com.au/