A Zesty Treat … or Two

Sweet treats anyone? Photo: TruPics

“I don’t think people expect this in a small town”

Sometimes food looks simply too good to eat.

The beautiful, delicate sweet treat creations by Carmen Connell at Zest Studio in Rutherglen are more like works of art that should be preserved.

Carmen has always had a love of baking and has been decorating wedding cakes for several years, but has now expanded her offering, with the opening of her patisserie in June.

The feedback from locals and tourists has been overwhelming.

“Being very new, everyone seems impressed,” Carmen said.


“I love making the moulded mousse cakes and doing the gateaux’s and bringing in all the different elements and flavours together and finishing with the beautiful mirror glazes and chocolate decorations.

“Sometimes tourists come in and ask, ‘where do you get all these in from?’ I explain that it is all made in-house and I don’t think people expect this in a small town, so it’s nice to know that people think our product is that good.”

Carmen has added incentive to focus on the business, after the unexpected death of her husband, aged 37, just prior to making a move from Berrigan to Corowa.

“I am driven a lot by my daughters (aged 12 & 9), particularly after my husband passed away.

Carmen and colleague brewing up coffee
Carmen and colleague brewing up coffee

“I want my daughters to know they have a strength and power about them, and they can just do anything – so I want to show them that.

“At the end of the day, I think your dreams don’t change, the direction just changes a little bit. That’s important for the girls and important for me.

“I think everyone copes differently, I need to be busy, and this business is 9am-3pm which allows me to be with the girls and work at night, cake decorating while the kids are asleep,” Carmen said.


Next time you’re in Rutherglen and tempted to spoil your tastebuds, know that Carmen’s home baked treats from Zest Studio truly are baked with love and inspiration!

For more information on Zest Studio Rutherglen visit their website www.zeststudio.com.au