In Need of a Detox? A Beechworth Farming Family’s Tea Proves Popular

Forrest Grasses and their local wheatgrass tea. Photo: TruPics

After Christmas, New Year and holiday indulging, many of us look to give our bodies a detox.

That means there’s no shortage of customers for Beechworth company, Forrest Grasses and their wheatgrass tea.

The brainchild of farmer Narelle Forrest, the wheatgrass tea which is gluten and caffeine free, is an alternative to the powders, extracts and tablets on the market.


“The wheatgrass tea has all the benefits of wheatgrass which is popular for detoxing the body and aiding in digestion,” Narelle said.

“We’re getting regular clients coming back all the time, especially at this time of year, because they realise it detoxes you quite well.

Narelle’s mother Trish is also involved in the business and says the wheatgrass tea has been a wonderful addition to their other farming enterprise.

“We’ve got a poll Hereford stud, on the outskirts of Beechworth,” Trish said.

“We actually bought the 40ft fodder unit to sprout grain for the cattle in the drought.”

Narelle and Trish Forrest at a farmers' market
Narelle and Trish Forrest at a farmers’ market

“We had the container that grows wheat,” Narelle added.

“It grows barley grass for cattle, as well as wheatgrass, so we knew we could grow it.”

Narelle spent two years perfecting the chemical free growing techniques before going to market a few years ago.

Forrest Grasses regularly attends regional farmers’ markets. More information can be found on their website