Chambers Sons to Continue Winemaking Tradition

Harry Chambers, enjoying the return to the family business. Photo: TruPics

Seventh generation Chambers brothers, Harry and Joel, are enjoying the return to their winemaking heritage, joining their parents Michael and Belinda in the running of Lake Moodemere Estate.

Eldest son Harry, has returned to run the cellar door, carry out building maintenance and expansion projects and assist on the farm, while Joel is the vineyard manager and is also hands-on running the farm which includes around two thousand sheep.

Harry and Joel Chambers.
Harry and Joel Chambers.

“Joel and I have always loved the winery and the farm and always wanted to be in it,” Harry said.

“Mum and dad always said to us, go out and get a job, do our own thing and once we’ve qualified or gone as far as we wanted to go in our careers, if we still want to be part of it, come back.

“Joel was in the Army and did his four years, and I became a builder, which I still love doing, so I’m trying to get the best of both worlds and do a bit of both.”

The brothers have fond memories of growing up on the estate, and are determined to preserve the family’s legacy.


“This property was owned by my grandfather, dad’s father,” Harry said.

“Pop ran all the vineyards and basically sold all the grapes to other winemakers and Chambers Rosewood, run by pop’s brother Bill.

“It’s been in the family for almost 100 years and it’s something that’s very, very precious to everyone in our family.”


Harry already has projects that will see him on the tools, including turning the back end of the cellar door homestead into a function room to accommodate large weddings or conferences and building another room or two to rent out for accommodation.

The return of the Chambers brothers to their wine producing heritage, is part of a growing trend.

“There’s a lot of people in wine families who are quite young, like Joel and myself who are coming back and taking an interest in it,” Harry said.

“I love the region – it’s got a great vibe and there are a lot of businesses popping up in Rutherglen, so the future is looking great.”

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