Abseiling & Yoga Combine in the Alps

Mt Buffalo provides the ideal setting for the Alpine Summer Yoga Retreat.

A three-day event that invites visitors to create positive change and get out of their comfort zones is a focus of the Alpine Summer Yoga Retreat.

Held at the Mt Buffalo Retreat from 16 – 18 February, participants will be treated to an extensive itinerary that even includes abseiling.

Organised by North East yoga teachers Kylie Bertuch and Emily Rose, the retreat is designed to help participants set some goals and direction for the year ahead.

“We’ll be providing tools and practices to assist our guests find their own positive vision for their life,” Emily said.

“Mt Buffalo is such a stunning and iconic mountain and has such a strong energy about it,” added Kylie

“Since the theme of this retreat is stepping out of your comfort zone, participants will have the option to abseil up at Buffalo will experienced guides from Bright Adventure Company. But don’t worry, it’s not compulsory!”

The retreat will be a blend of yoga, mindfulness, journaling, intention-setting, crystals, essential oils and adventure activities, along with a healthy whole food menu, designed as a well-rounded weekend of ‘self-transformation’.

For more information: http://www.gingerkiyoga.com.au/events/alpine-summer-yoga-retreat-2017.aspx.