First Look: Mount Ophir Estate’s Thoroughly Modern Wedding

Photo: Sally Harding

Two years of restoration has come to fruition for the owners of Mount Ophir Estate, Rutherglen with the heritage property hosting its first wedding.

The estate which harks back to 1891 as a farm and vineyard, was once the largest state-of-the-art wine producing complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

The renovated property has been a labour of love for the Brown family of Eliza, Angela and Nicholas who wanted to transform the estate into a centre for private events and luxury accommodation.

The first couple to tie the knot at the property and house guests in the unique accommodation and glamping tents were same sex couple, David and Andrew.

“It was really a magical wedding for David and Andrew,” said Eliza Brown.

“It’s the first wedding since we have owned the property, and after all the hard work over two years we were just stunned at how the place looked for the couple.”

The reception was held in the ‘Top Hall’ which was the original barrel hall of the winery, with dancing on the lower hall area.

All the accommodation was booked by the couple, and the glamping tents were an added extra.

If response to the estate’s first wedding is anything to go by, Mount Ophir Estate is likely to be on the short list for couples looking for a destination wedding.

“People love the fact that it is a bespoke venue where they can create their dream event,” Eliza said.

“All their nearest and dearest are staying together and enjoying the festivities in one place in such a unique and special setting.”

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