‘High Five’ as New Celebrity Event Reaps Rewards

Border Cafe Editor Kylie King joins Pip from TripleM during the Hospital Bed Challenge. Photo: TruPics

Being stranded in a make-shift hospital bed saw locals dig deep to help ‘discharge’ community leaders and celebrities as part of the annual Give Me 5 for Kids charity campaign run by TripleM.

Promotions Manager Ashlea Fell says the Hospital Bed Challenge raised $12,500 which exceeded all expectations.

“We didn’t have anyone we approach say they couldn’t participate,” Ashley said.

“We were looking at raising maybe three to five thousand dollars, so we’re really proud of the result.”

Creating a new event as part of the overall Give Me 5 for Kids campaign for the children’s hospital ward has led to a massive chunk of the overall fundraising target already being met.

“There is a lot of donor fatigue in the market, so we thought if we could create a new event and make it exciting – people would want to get involved.

“We had the Deputy Mayor dressed as the Cheshire Cat, celebrities wearing slippers, bringing blankies – the whole lot. It’s been fun.”

The $12,500 raised covers 85% of the cost of a Paediatric Bronchioscope or two specialised Nuvola Cots from the wish list of the Paediatric Ward of Albury Wodonga Health.

If you’d like to donate visit: http://www.giveme5forkids.com.au/