The Next Generation Takes the Reins

Donna Scott, stepping up to run Hazel Park Racing, Albury. Photo: TruPics

The daughter of well-known horse racing trainer Graham Hulm, has stepped up to run Hazel Park Racing, recruiting a few other family members along the way.

Donna Scott initially took over from her late husband Brett, training locally for a few years but with a young family to look after and a desire to work for a large-scale metropolitan stable, Donna headed to Sydney to work for Darley – which is now Godolphin.

Since returning home Donna has been training in tandem with her father, but is now stepping up, keen to grow the business and expand the stable.

“It’s time to get a bit more serious and for me to be involved full time, especially with dad having a bit of ill health and wanting to step back a bit,” Donna said.

Adding to further family influences at Hazel Park, Donna’s daughter Danielle and her partner who was a Sydney based jockey, Blaike McDougall are also setting up base in Albury.

“Here in the country we struggle for track work riders – and getting the horses worked,” Donna said.

“Danielle and her partner have a young baby and thought it’s time to come home and they could see we need a bit of a hand.

“To have someone like Blaike, who’s done most of his time in Sydney under a big trainer there, John Thompson and ridden some good horses – his feedback is great for us.”

Donna’s sister and brother in law are also supporting the business and have a spelling farm, allowing Donna and the team to keep a close eye on the progress of their horses while in the paddock.

If the tick of approval of your family is anything to go by, it’s clear Donna is odds on to produce some winners.

“I’ve never met anyone who works harder than her,” daughter Danielle said.

“With the right support, she can really make a great future. It’s very hard to build a business on your own, but with us all here I think we’ll definitely move in the right direction. Watch this space!”

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