Why a Son’s Illness was a ‘Gift’ Despite Diagnosis

A former Albury motivational speaker and writer has turned her efforts into an unlikely direction, as the author of a children’s book.

Rosie Pekar was inspired to write a book initially as a present for her son Dane who spent his 11th birthday in hospital after being diagnosed with a rare incurable autoimmune disease.

Her approach was to address the concept of death in the story of Humpty, and if ‘the truth had been told in that fable of old.’

Dane’s response to the book inspired her into further action.

11 Year old Dane in hospital.

“After receiving the book ‘An Eggcellent Adventure’ as an Easter gift and being suitably impressed by mum’s efforts, I was more impressed with Dane’s response, which was that this book would be wonderful for everyone.”

Inspired by her son, Rosie set up a Go Fund Me Page to have the book published and printed as a free gift for other children in hospital, hopefully starting in Albury.

“Before, it was a purely selfish gift for Dane, as he couldn’t have chocolates at Easter, but his response really touched me and I thought, what a good idea,” explained Rosie.

“My first goal is to reach $5,000 so we can get it printed for either the Gold Coast University Hospital where Dane was treated, or Albury Base Hospital where I was born and bred.”

Rosie and Dane.

Rosie has taken the children’s book concept further, developing a series of workshops for children in being mindful.

Look Where You Want To Go is reminding children that your focus and what you’re paying attention to is your choice,” Rosie said.

“All of us have only got moments, how are you filling this moment up? Is it the stuff that makes you feel really good that adds to your life?”

Details on ‘An Eggcellent Adventure’ Go Fund Me Page below: