Persistence Pays off for Local Author

Albury author Aimee Chan.

A lifetime dream of publishing a book has come to fruition for Albury’s Aimee Chan, author of  children’s picture book, My Grandma is 100.

Although Aimee has submitted several manuscripts to publishers over the years, it was a surprise project that led to her first publication.

“It was a special project for me, something that I did as a personal project that ended up being in the public space, “ Aimee explained.

“It’s about my grandmother in-law, my husband’s grandmother Edna, who actually lived to the ripe old age of 102.

My Grandma is 100 book cover.

“The book is written from a child’s perspective with the idea to capture that wonder around that big number 100, what does it mean to be 100 years old? What was her life like when she was a little girl, and the relationship between this child and the 100 year old grandmother.”

While children’s birthdays are often filled with birthday cakes, party pies, fairy bread and lots of friends of a similar age, Aimee has enjoyed sharing a contrasting journey for an older person.

“It’s hard for them to process, especially from a kid’s perspective,” Aimee said.

“It’s been interesting to see how kids react, and it changes their perception of what a birthday means and what’s important about it.”

Although the book came about as a surprise, Aimee has found a great deal of pride and enjoyment in the process.

“My background is as a travel writer,” Aimee said.

“Most of my career I’ve been writing about travel, very factual lifestyle writing for magazines, so writing something a bit more creative has been a real joy, and very different to how I’ve been writing in my whole career.”

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