Bamboozled! But not for Long

Photo: Bamboo Ware Store Facebook Page

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and this saying rang true for local mum and teacher Jodie Lodge when she couldn’t find stylish and family-friendly bamboo dinnerware options for an upcoming holiday traveling around Australia.

Realising that there could be an opportunity to carve out a niche in the sustainable homewares market, Jodie set about creating Bamboo Ware as the initial Coronavirus lockdown took hold.

Photo credit: Bamboo Ware Store Facebook Page

“My husband and I always wanted to find a product to sell online. It came about in the first lockdown where I was looking for plates and pantry storage and everything was sold out so there is obviously a market for that,” Jodie said.

Jodie has been completely hands-on during the development process, carefully selecting everything from the size and shape to the colour options and custom designing the packaging.

No detail has been overlooked, with Jodie looking at multiple suppliers to find the right quality and opting for larger sizing on the bowls to make them suitable for kids and adults.

The dinnerware is sturdy and lightweight and comes in sets which include a mug, plate and bowl in five neutral hues to suit any décor. Colour sets can be mixed and matched so each family member can have their own if they wish.

Photo: Bamboo Ware Store Facebook Page

The storage jars have a wider mouth are the right size and shape to be highly functional and work well together in any pantry or cupboard. The jars are made of a strong, oven proof glass and offer a seal that you can hear ‘pop’ when you open the lid. Jodie has also partnered with another local business, The Write Label, to offer custom labels for the pantry jars.

The extra attention to detail has meant some initial delays in launching, with the process taking longer from start to finish than expected. However, Jodie feels this was a worthy sacrifice to get the products right and was well worth the wait to begin taking orders in early November.

Photo: Bamboo Ware Store Facebook Page

As the name suggests, she’s hoping to branch out into more eco-friendly bamboo-based products in the future, but for now she’s happily packing orders as they come in for her existing range. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant, making it a sustainable substitute for plastic for a wide variety of items, including clothing, toothbrushes, lazy Susans and spice racks.

“It’s endless I feel, if it takes off!”

You can shop the full range of storage options and dinnerware sets at and follow Bamboo Ware @bamboowarestore on Facebook and @_bamboo_ware_ on Instagram for all the latest updates.