‘Did Someone Say Cake?’ Dog Friendly Treats Put to the Test

A happy customer tucks into a dog friendly cake. Photo: pawfectionconfections.com.au

There’s no doubt that dog lovers like to spoil their fur babies, now a locally based business has put the icing on the cake.

Pawfection Confections Dog Treats has devised a menu of delicious wholesome goodies that look too good to be true.

We caught up with one of the owners Marty Jones for the story behind the business.

Describe this new local pet treat business?

Pawfection Confections Dog Treats specialises in fresh-made, wholesome dog treats. All of our delicious creations are made from scratch using only (human-grade) dog-safe ingredients with no added salt, refined sugar or preservatives.

How did it come about? 

My friend in the US owns a pet supply store and he posted a photo on Facebook showing some new products that he’d just received. One of the products was frosted dog cakes. I’ve always loved to bake and create. I thought, I could make dog cakes!

It was a light-bulb moment. Almost everyone I know has a dog and they spoil and pamper their pooches. For a long time now a couple of my friends and I had talked about opening a bakery. We’d hosted a ‘My Kitchen Rules’ style get together with other mates, even down to the ongoing commentary and voting. The bakery never got off the ground so the idea to create dog cakes and treats has been the perfect solution to making the dream happen.

Did you have fun doing your market research?

Yes! It was certainly a learning curve. So much to learn but so worth it. We consulted vets, a food technologist, dog trainers, bakery and cafe owners, and of course the ultimate judges, our taste tester dogs. Lots of failed recipes that ended up in the bin but lots of celebrations when we were able to get the balance of the ingredients right.

What do the dogs love about the various treats? 

I think it’s the variety. Like their hoomans, not all flavours appeal to all dogs. One of our taste testers didn’t care for the cake but loved the coconut macaroons. The jerky is always a big hit! One of our fans has told me that when her dog Benji knows there are some of our dog biscuits in the house he is so well behaved and begs her for them. Then we have other dogs who will eat absolutely everything!

A special delivery for a happy customer.


Why do you think they will be popular for purchase by humans?

As humans we love to spoil and pamper our pets. We treat them like one of the family. So it makes sense that you want to celebrate their special days and achievements and what better way than with gifts and yummy treats!

They look so edible – are you concerned if a human/child accidentally consumes them?

Not at all. We use only human – grade ingredients. In fact, the owners of Pawfection Confections, myself Tina and John, have tasted all of our products. The coconut macaroons are by far the favourite. We have mates who’ve tasted the products as well. One of them really likes the biscuits. He wasn’t sure he’d even share them with his dog Barney. In the end Barney did get a couple of the biscuits!


Tell us about a pop up store event that’s happening?

It’s on Saturday 21 November 8.30am – 1.00pm at 7 High Street Wodonga, in the car park next to The Brekkie Box

How can locals and their dogs get their paws on them? Head to our website: pawfectionconfections.com.au – We look forward to creating a special treat for your pup!