Local business More Than Food is set to expand its Foodie Tours offering next year.

The business has been running experimental tours throughout the region, helping consumers learn more about local producers and inspiring them to seek a closer relationship with the people behind their food.

Three tours have taken place so far around Beechworth, Rutherglen and Glenrowan/Ovens Valley.

John Gibbons from More Than Food says the feedback from both producers and customers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Roast Venison courtesy of Red Stag & Emu Farm
Roast Venison courtesy of Red Stag & Emu Farm

“We’ve found people are having a really great experience on the tours, getting out and around the area they live in and finding out about food producers they actually weren’t aware of.

“People are enjoying spending time amongst the vines drinking wine, or tasting cheese that’s been made by the person they’re talking to, eating food picked off a tree 20 metres from where they’re standing – it’s really appealing to people.

“Equally producers are accessing new customers they were previously not able to access, so we’re bringing new business to their door.

“What we consistently hear from people is they love the idea of being able to better support their local producers, know what is going on and meet the people behind their food.

The final Foodie Tour for 2016 covered the Alpine Valley region, incorporating behind the scenes tours with four local producers, Red Stag Deer and Emu Farm, Ringer Reef Winery, Wandiful Produce and Bright Chocolate.

“Each destination in their own way has something special to showcase,” John said.

“Red Stage Deer and Emu Farm is one of the largest game abattoirs and producers of game meat in Australia, and it’s just up the road.

“Wandiful Produce is another one. The farm is run near enough to off grid, and they’re like this little shed in the middle of nowhere, but producing some beautiful, beautiful food.


Chestnuts aplenty at Wandiful Produce

“That’s the thing people get excited about, discovering things they didn’t know, things they’re happy to tell their friends.”

For those worried they’ve ‘missed the bus’ for Foodie Tours, More Than Food is looking to add more events to the schedule in 2017.

“We’ll probably have two to three times as many events next year,” said John.

“We’ve had a lot of interest around things that may appeal to families, or potentially bespoke tours – custom designed tours for special functions or Christmas parties.”

Whatever events are introduced next year, the team behind More Than Food is committing to ensuring their vision is at the forefront.

Auldstone Cellars – another destination on the 2016 Foodie Tours

“We are very quick to highlight that we are a purpose driven company, rather than a tour or event company,” John said.

“Everything we do comes back to that idea, finding people to connect with the source of their food.

“While tours are the main thing we’re doing, we’re not limited to that. We’re able to move into areas or work in projects we think helps meet that need.”

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