A Container of Creativity

Thistle & Fern, at Wodonga Promenade. Photo: TruPics

Food, coffee and craft beer may be the main attractions on Wodonga’s promenade, but one business has taken a shipping container make-over to new heights.

Wodonga’s popular foodie and open space precinct.

Florist shop Thistle & Fern has completely transformed a bland shipping container into a beautiful inviting retail shop that’s a feast for the senses.

Florist Carla Walsh says she’s always had a fascination with buildings and shops made out of shipping containers.

“I really like the idea of re-using, recycling and making something out of something that’s not meant to be,” Carla said.

Carla Walsh enjoying her creative new space.

“Just making this shop look like it’s not a container and having people come in and say ‘it’s amazing what you can do with a shipping container’ is great.”

Carla and her business partner, Kathy Kayll let their creativity run wild in creating the shop.

“We got the shell and had a hole in the wall cut out then went about trying to give it a little flower shop look, with the stripy awning, dark grey white colours,” Carla said.

“We’ve had a great response; people just love it. It’s very cute, which is just what we wanted.

“When I first got into floristry I did mostly weddings and wasn’t that in to florist shops because they didn’t appeal to me at all.

“But this is such a visual, creative space that looks beautiful and feels beautiful when you come in. It’s been a great little journey,” she said.

For more on Thistle & Fern, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thistleandfern/