Whipping Up Wonders

Children enjoy getting 'hands on' at a Geoffrey Michael Patissier cooking class. Photo: TruPics

From inspiring children and students, to setting his sights on a guest appearance on MasterChef, Albury’s popular patissier Geoffrey Michael is a man on a mission to share his pastry passion.

Kylie King caught up with him during a children’s Easter cooking class.

Putting children and chocolate in the same room together, it was always destined to be a messy affair, but the team from Geoffrey Michael Patissier was up to the challenge.

Geoffrey Michael and his team sharing skills with budding pastry chefs.

The cooking classes for children is typical of Geoffrey Michael’s passion to promote the pastry chef profession with a younger generation.

“Every holidays, we like to put classes on, get the kids using their hands, being creative and having a little bit of fun with food and learning how to handle food,” Geoffrey said.

“My son was actually in there today. It’s better than being stuck indoors playing X-Box.”

Sharing his knowledge and skills with young people of all ages knows no boundaries, with Geoffrey teaching at TAFE and local schools, including his former High School.

“I was a terrible student back in the day,” Geoffrey said.

“At Albury High I help out in the food technology department. That was my one of my worst subjects, but it’s funny how it’s turned out. It’s now my career and my passion.”

While Geoffrey Michael Patissier has proven a popular destination for sweet tooths, the creative pastry chef continues to dream big.

“I’d like to be able to get on MasterChef and do a guest chef spot,” Geoffrey said.

“I’ve seen the previews this year, there’s a lot of molecular gastronomy, like balloons made out of spun sugar filled with helium. They’re really taking it to the next level.”

He’s also keeping across trends, but concedes it’s the classics that stand the test of time.

Beautiful treats on display for sweet tooths.

“Doughnuts are still trending at the moment, and those over the top naked cakes.

“We always like to stay on top of what’s happening, but one of our most popular items is the lemon tart, which sells out every day before anything else.

“You can come up with a cake with 14 layers and all this garnish, but the lemon tart will sell out first. So while we keep up with trends, we also stay true to the classics.”

Mission accomplished! Geoffrey and some of his young students.

For more information on Geoffrey Michael Patissier, visit their website http://www.geoffreymichaelpatissier.com.au/