Aimee Chan Launches Pandemic Book for Kids in Lockdown

Wodonga Mayor Kev Poulton officially launches two children's books by local author Aimee Chan.

It’s timely that local author Aimee Chan decided to hold off launching her second children’s book, The Very Hungry Reader, until this week so she could launch it together with her third book, The Happy Mask.

This most recent picture book follows the story of a young child, Maggie, who lives in a world surrounded by masks. This is particularly timely given the current lockdown situation in Victoria and while Dr Chan was saddened Victorian families could not attend the event, she was heartened that at least the book might be particularly relevant and helpful to them now.

The double book launch was hosted by Wodonga Mayor Kevin Poulton, who resides in Albury and was able to attend. Young readers had the opportunity to listen to a story time, ask some questions, have their books signed and create their own happy mask craft. 

The Happy Mask & The Very Hungry Reader can be bought at all good bookshops and online