A Library of Things

A sample of the goodies that could be borrowed from a Library of Things. Photo:TruPics

If you have a seam that needs sewing but don’t have a sewing machine; a hole that needs drilling, but don’t have a drill or you fancy trying out kayaking without the expense of buying a kayak, the proposed local Library of Things might just be the solution.

An initiative of Sustainable Activity Centre’s (SAC) Corrie Pierce and Claire Greenhalgh, and modelled on similar initiatives overseas, Corrie said the Library of Things, will not only save people money, but will also reduce consumption.

“People sometimes buy a tool or even cooking equipment then use it only once or at best a few times then it’s abandoned to the shed or the back of a cupboard. The library will give these items a much longer life. It also fits perfectly with our ethos at the centre of making smarter choices for a better future.”

While a lot of research has been done into libraries operating overseas, particularly in Canada, Corrie said it was important to find out what will work best in this community.

“We’re looking at infrastructure and then we’ll be looking at donations, and for volunteers to run the library.  That’s what we’d like people to come along and discuss on Saturday,” she said.

Corrie said the research into the overseas libraries had uncovered some interesting trends in what was being borrowed.

“We have copies of their inventories and surprisingly carpet cleaners are very popular and telescopes, but everyday items including party ware, games and tools are also regularly taken out of the library.”

Corrie said workshops will also be offered for people who might not know how to operate tools or other items they borrow.

“If someone doesn’t know how to use a sewing machine for example, we’ll run workshops for them. The Repair Café that operates here once a month will also be a great complement with its volunteers and their range of expertise.”

Corrie said the cost of a yearly membership was still to be finalised, but could be between $10 and $20 with a gold coin donation for a week’s hire of an item that will go toward maintenance.

“We want to make it accessible to everybody in the community. We don’t want anyone to miss out.”