Serving up ‘Salsa’

Getting into the swing of 'salsa'. Photo: TruPics

A weekly ‘salsa’ night to celebrate food, drink and dance, Latin American style, is set to be a feature at Duke’s Hidden Secret, Albury.

Mexico born and raised Luisa Perez Mujica, who moved to Albury for University and work, is behind the salsa night idea.

“This concept is very similar to what we normally have in Mexico and in Latin America in general,” Luisa said.

“We eat, we dance and we drink together – it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, just something that regularly happens either with family or friends.”

Luisa and her partner Shannon practice their ‘salsa’ moves.

Since moving to the Border, Luisa has been teaching Cuban salsa on Fridays with Albury Wodonga Dance Centre, but hopes a chance to offer dancing at a more informal setting will expose her culture to new fans.

“Our community has been growing,” Luisa said.

“There’s a lot of rock and roll and swing happening on the border, but not a Latin night, so many of my students are excited about getting a chance to practice their moves outside of the classroom.

“But the salsa nights are not necessarily just for dancers, but anybody who wants to hang out and just chill, in a different scenario – maybe watch others, listen to music or sample some food – try something different to what they’re used to.”

The salsa nights will be launched on Thursday 7 September, with dinner, a dance lesson and dancing. For more information visit: