Bubbly Women Dig Deep for Charity

The Bubbly Charity committee proud of their Oaks Day fundraising efforts.

Local women have donned their race-wear finery for an Oaks Day Luncheon with heart, raising just under $18,000 for some worthwhile local causes.

The annual Bubbly Charity event is its 9th year, with the major funds from today’s efforts going towards the rehabilitation of Nick Dempsey, who suffered a spinal cord injury earlier this year.

Nick’s mother Trudy was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the two hundred women that attended the fundraising event, and local businesses for their auction and prize donations.

Trudy Dempsey and Nick’s Journey committee member Leanne Luhrs.

“You feel the love coming back, it’s just amazing,” Trudy said.

“You can’t really thank people enough – even from day one. There are so many beautiful people out there offering what they can to help us.

“Things are thrown at you, and you wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It is what it is, but with all these beautiful people supporting us, it makes it easier at the end of the day.”

Money raised will go towards the purchase of a limb and muscle cycling machine to aid Nick’s rehabilitation, which will also be made available to others in need in the community.

Oaks Day, ‘ladies day’ fun, but with a purpose at the Bubbly Charity event.

Committee member Sue White says today’s guests were really touched by Nick’s journey.

“We had a Q & A with Nick’s mum Trudy, and the whole place was quiet. That doesn’t happen very often with two hundred women,” Sue said.

“They all sat there as Trudy really opened up about what they do every day with Nick, what his plans were before the accident, and now what’s ahead. It’s a really emotional journey.”

Some funds from today will also go towards pet haven Dunroamin for the travel costs associated with rescuing animals.

Bubbly Charity was formed by eight friends over a glass of bubbles nine years ago and has raised and donated in excess of $145,000 dollars for local families and charities.

The Oaks Day Luncheon is always popular, but has attracted new generous supporters this year.

“There’s probably about 60% of guests I’ve seen before,” Sue said.

“Around 40% of the ladies are all new, and they’re all having a good time and already saying they want to come next year.”

For more on Bubbly Charity, visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bubblycharity.com.au/

For more on Nick’s Journey visit his Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nickdempseysjourney/