Iconic Brewery Releases First Thirst Quencher in 100 years

Billson's Brewery, Beechworth

Beechworth’s Billson’s Brewery has fired up the production line to launch its first new product in more than 100 years.

Although there are plans to produce beer and spirits, it’s pure alpine spring water, sold under the original Billson’s name that has been released.

Nathan Cowan from Billson’s Brewery says although it might seem unusual for a brewery to re-launch with water, in reality it makes perfect sense.

New release spring water from Billson’s Brewery

“We chose to launch with our pure alpine spring water because it’s the core of our entire facility here in Beechworth,” Nathan said.

“We are so fortunate to have a 7 metre deep well from which we can draw spring water that has been filtered through layers of granite.

“It is this same water which will be the central ingredient in the beer and spirits range that we’re planning to launch in the future.”

The spring water is sold in 100% recyclable aluminium cans and have been inspired by the design of an original Billson’s soda water bottle circa 1880

Original label, circa 1880

The team has also partnered with Edward Billson, the great-great grandson of the original founder, George Billson, who has accepted the opportunity to be the head architect.

The project aims to restore the brewery and return it to its glory days as a full manufacturing facility with a world class tourism destination.

Sales are available from Billson’s retail store in Beechworth (VIC) and selected retail partners as well as online via Billson’s website: www.billsons.com.au