Come and see the Worst Play Ever!

The cast and crew from SCENE CHANGES. Photo credit: Ian Sutherland

It’s the opening night performance of, “The Curse of the Ming Vase,” a period murder mystery performed by the fictional Crampston Regional Amateur Performers.

Backstage the cast and crew are preparing to WOW the audience with a sell-out crowd, and with the adrenalin flowing – what could possibly go wrong?

Christine Duff who plays B1 (Bitch One) and Laura Uniacke who plays the Stage Manager. Photo credit: Ian Sutherland

Of course, with such an eccentric cast of characters both on the stage and off, this show is bound to go off the rails!

With a cast and crew of characters ranging from Divas to Dunderheads and Larrikins to Layabouts, it doesn’t take long for things to start to go amiss. See all the bungles and dramas, pratfalls and disasters unfold back-stage (in the first half) play out on-stage (in the second half).

After intermission, the tables are turned, literally, and the audience will get to see the consequences on stage of all the mistakes that have been made.

SCENE CHANGES has been produced by The Other Theatre Company, written by Border local, Peter Uniacke, directed by Miguel de Oliveira, and performed by a talented local cast.

Border Theatre goers may recognize many of the pratfalls and blunders from past shows. They were all drawn from real life anecdotes and tall tales.

Local performers will also be intrigued to see just whose eccentricities have found their way into these characters.

SCENE CHANGES is a fast paced, comedy, which celebrates our very talented local amateur theatre community. It premieres in November 2018.

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