Paying Homage to Hops

Brewer Ben Kraus among some hops. Photo credit:

That essential beer making ingredient, hops, is being celebrated at the High Country Hops Festival in Beechworth this weekend.

Now in its fifth year, High Country Hops is the only festival of its kind in mainland Australia – a celebration of the Victorian hop harvest and the launch fresh hop beers. This is an opportunity for craft beer lovers to taste the freshest beers imaginable, straight from the source.

Hops, grown in North East Victoria. Photo credit:

Over two days the brewery car park in Beechworth comes to life, as the eight craft brewers of the region pour their wares along with a selection of local winemakers and distillers.

The family friendly celebration also includes carefully curated local food offerings and an eclectic, suitably festive musical soundtrack.

This year for the first time, Bridge Road Brewers will be hosting some special guest breweries from further afield – a couple of their favourite Australian brewers will be joining them for the festival. First cab off the rank is Wildflower Brewing and Blending from Sydney.

Visitors are also soaking up the full Beechworth experience with a glamping village being built in the centre of Beechworth’s historic precinct.