Meet a Young Professional Single Woman who is also a…. Foster Carer!

Foster carer Stacey (left) with Jeanine Aughey UMFC Carer Management Team leader. Photo: TruPics

Highlighting that foster carers truly come from all walks of life, Stacey is a shining example of how caring for children knows no boundaries.

Stacey has been a registered carer at UMFC since March 2019. Although she works two jobs and doesn’t have children of her own, she has been a perfect fit for the children in her care.

“When I finished my degree and moved into my own home I felt that it was the right moment to become a foster carer,” Stacey said

“I had this home that was way too big for one person and felt somewhat guilty. I had the passion to become a foster carer, so thought why not give it a go.”

Jeanine Aughey, Luke Rumbold CEO UMFC and Foster Carer Stacey.

While foster care was something Stacey wanted to do since she was a teenager, she’s been surprised by how much she’s loved the journey of fostering children.

“The attachment and trust that the children develop over time was beyond what I expected,” Stacey explained.

“For all they’ve been through they can still be light hearted and happy and show their personality and goofy sense of humour, it’s a really special thing to see.

For those unsure whether fostering is something they can incorporate into their lives, Stacey has this advice.

“If you are thinking of foster care, come and chat with the team,” Stacey said.

“I am a full-time single woman and I was worried that I wouldn’t be suitable but the team at UMFC has worked around my lifestyle to make it work for me and the children. It has brought so much joy to my life.”

CEO of UMFC Luke Rumbold says diversity of foster carers is encouraged.

“Foster parents come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds and we welcome that, because children also come from a wide range of backgrounds, so matching children and carers is really important and you need a broad range of people for that to happen,” Luke said.

“It’s all around caring and competent adults, that’s what matters to be a good foster parent, not the relationship status or where you live or anything like that at all.”

‘Conversation with Carers’ information sessions on between 5:30pm – 6:30pm at:

Wodonga, 16 September, UMFC office 27-29 Stanley Street

Wangaratta, 17 September UMFC office 36 Mackay Street

Benalla, 19 September at Benalla Library