Latest Spring Fashion Trends to Discover in AlburyCBD

Spring fashion trends throughout AlburyCBD including Country Labels. Photo: TruPics

Shed those thick winter layers and burst into the warmer months in style. Here are some spring fashion trends and where to find them in AlburyCBD.

Florals, Sparkle & Colour at Country Labels

It appears florals will continue to be a trend this spring, but stylist Helen Baring from Country Labels says there are a few new twists this season.

“Designers are loving their florals, but they are mixed up a bit or paired up with some checks,” Helen said.

Helen Baring from Country Labels.

“A lot of the florals are designer owned, not like the old English Liberty florals. They’re quirked up with some interesting colours, some with flowers that have got stripes through them. The designers have done their own take on it and there are some exotic colours.”

There’s also a new twist on some old favourites.

“They used to call it lurex years ago, but now we call it glitter knit, so there’s a little bit of sparkle in the knit to give it some texture,” Helen said.

“Colour wise I think pink is probably a winner, from really shocking pink to pretty baby pink, but also some of the neutrals and softer colours are coming back.”

Natural Tones and a Focus on Comfort at Evans Shoes

There are endless choices in footwear this spring, but one trend that is coming through is an emphasis on comfort.

Ross Evans from Evans Shoes says his clients are looking towards a more casual look.

“We are seeing lots of beautiful natural tones in comfort footwear with support and structure in shoes,” Ross said.

“There’s a splash of colour and some interest with laces or ornaments and some oscillates and a bit of leopard type prints and metallics coming through in places,” Ross explained.

“Once you’d say to me, ‘Ross what do I buy? Do I need points or square toes?’ These days I say you can buy anything because there’s not one look that’s really solid except what you love.

“We are seeing some beautiful shoes come in this year, such as some Spanish shoes from Wanders with a splash of colour, and some beautiful shoes through Frankie4 that are doing some fashion that is structured with beautiful linings and arch support. It’s going to be an interesting season.”

Italian Style Pants & Pleated Skirts at Zeinert & Zeinert

Those who love European style are in for a treat according to Julie Zeinert from fashion house Zeinert & Zeinert.

“I think for spring it’s all about lightweight knits and pleated skirts and runners, colourful Italian jeans and wide leg pants, more of a lean towards a more casual look than a dress this season,” Julie said.

Julie Zeinert from Zeinert & Zeinert.

In terms of colour, Julie predicts that hot pinks, emeralds and cobalt blues are the trends we’ll see on the catwalks over spring.

Like many quality local fashion houses Zeinert & Zeinert regularly brings the latest styles and influences from local and international designers.

“I travel extensively in Australia and overseas with my suppliers every three or four weeks and everything we bring into the store is hand-picked so we know the quality is there.”

Men’s Style – Florals & Chinos at Nickel Menswear

With the wedding season approaching, Julie O’Donnell from Nickel Menswear says there is a continuation of a popular trend.

“Definitely florals again this season, and chinos,” Julie said.


“Men are matching chinos with a nice highlighted floral shirt. There are several colours of chinos to choose from and lots of brightness in the shirts so there’s lots of scope to go anywhere and dress it up with a blazer.

“In terms of colours, blues are still predominant, greens are coming in and some of the orange shades as well.”

Fun and Flirty at Spice Clothing

Dora Kouvelis from Spice Clothing believes a focus this spring is not only on being fashionable, but also comfortable and confident.

“This season you’ll see all your pastel colours – whites, pinks, steel blues, greens and florals, as well as styles such as one shoulder and bell sleeves.”

With weddings, graduations, formals and Wodonga and Melbourne spring racing carnivals on the calendar, as well as an excuse to freshen up the wardrobe, the options for a fashionable look from AlburyCBD retailers this spring are endless.

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