A Quest to Promote a Stunning Collection of Aboriginal Art Works

Artist Patrick Butcher within his official suite at Quest Albury on Townsend.

A new Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery space has been revealed within Quest Hotel Albury on Townsend, featuring more than 70 art works on three levels of the property.

The latest venue expands on other gallery locations at De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate, Circa 1928 and a space within the Old Beechworth Gaol, forming an impressive Aboriginal art trail throughout the North East.

Paintings by Patrick Butcher, part of Waanta Mukana – Our Many Yarns, Our Many Stories.

Curator Jamie Durrant says the latest installation at Quest gives Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery a hub in Albury.

“I wandered into the space a few months and ago and just saw what might be possible there,” Jamie told Border Cafe.

Rosella Namok, Iron Range – Stinging Rain, 2019, 106 x 177cm, acrylic on linen

“Hans Sip who is a Wangaratta local has collected aboriginal art over the past 40 years and by chance had done some business work with the owner of the hotel and we all connected and raised the idea of really celebrating and educating visitors about dream time stories.”

The exhibition that features at Quest Albury on Townsend is – Dhungala – Craig Charles & Trevor Turbo Brown. More than 70 artworks are featured across two floors, galleries, corridors and suites.

Paintings by Fiona Omeenyo, part of Waanta Mukana – Our Many Yarns, Our Many Stories

“Even if you’re a local of Albury, I highly recommend booking in, have a night or visit and look at the art, it is on many levels,” Jamie said.

“Even the foyer is completely chock a block full of fantastic art, it’s a real energy lift when you walk into the space.”

Three artists from Cape York Lockhart River were among the first to visit the gallery space, Rosella Namok, Silsa Hobson and Patrick Butcher Jnr.

Silas Hobson, Rosella Namok, Patrick Butcher at Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery, Rutherglen Estate.

The artists also have an exhibition that’s just been launched at De Bortoli  Wines’ Rutherglen Estate, titled Waanta Mukana – Our Many Yarns, Our Many Stories.

Details: http://www.aboriginalexhibitions.com/