A Health Foodie’s Favourite Stands the Test of Time

Heath, Robyn and Tony from Border Just Foods. Photos: TruPics

With changing and evolving trends in cooking and health, one Albury business has found the recipe for small business longevity, celebrating 24 years in business.

Business Owners Tony and Robyn Schulz have evolved their offering over time, as they’ve kept up with fresh demands for a growing variety of bulk food, largely sourced from local producers.

“We’ve always been popular for our nuts and dried fruits, but the range of flours we stock has just gone ballistic,’ Tony said.

“Where we once stocked a few varieties, now we have ten or twelve different gluten free flours or mixes – it’s a huge market now.

“People are more discerning now. They know what they want.”

Manager Heath Edmunds believes Border Just Foods is more than just a shopping destination.

“There’s no other shop that I know of where customers seem to have such an enjoyable experience, often know each other, and literally say how much they love it and feel it’s good for the soul,” Heath said.

“I think there’s something about taking ownership of your food, when you scoop it out yourself, knowing it’s exactly what you want. It feels different to buying it in a packet off a shelf in a supermarket.”

One of the most popular products has been a staple since the very beginning – their home made bulk muesli mix, with between 50 and 75 kilograms prepared each day.

“I’ve only been here two years and it’s crazy how popular the muesli mix is,” Heath said.

“We actually send it all over the country, to clients in Ballarat, the Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne – five kilos at a time, it’s crazy.”

So what are the trends to watch for this year?

“I still think gut health has a way to go and will only get bigger,” Heath said.

“Things like kombucha (fermented tea), kefir (fermented milk drink) and fermented vegetables to help with gut health and the digestive system.”

There’s also a greater reliance on locally sourced food, with more producers establishing themselves in the marketplace.

“We’ve always pushed local products for a long time, but in the early days it was hard to get,” Tony said.

“For example we’re now stocking hazelnuts from Mitta Mitta. Peter Beggs grew them for seven or eight years before they started to fruit and they’re coming through now.

“We stock local garlic from Eldorado, Tolpuddle goats cheese, RAD Growers eggs and our organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil has always come from Leeton – Aldo (Italian farmer) has been supplying us for 24 years.”

For more information on Border Just Foods visit their website www.borderjustfoods.com.au