Dutch Media Reveals The ‘Wow’ Factor

Dutch Media's new home in Wodonga.

For anyone travelling along High Street Wodonga, the construction of advertising and marketing agency Dutch Media’s stunning new two-storey building has been hard to miss.

After being settled in for a few months, Dutch Media has opened its doors to clients and associates for its official launch as part of Business After Hours, hosted by the Wodonga and Albury Northside Chambers of Commerce.

Managing Director Ben Hollands says he couldn’t be happier with the new building.

“We’re really proud to have created a work environment that will help facilitate our creativity and give our staff a space where they feel they can stretch the boundaries,” Ben said.

Ben Hollands speaks at the launch, with his business partners Mick Randall, Karen Randall and Lisa Hollands.

Builders Connelly Construction are equally proud of the building and their ability to achieve Ben’s vision.

“What we’ve liked about it is that it has an almost conservative, contemporary façade on the outside, and the ‘wow’ factor on the inside,” Graeme Connelly said.

“As builders, the challenge was to build these exposed elements to a high quality standard.

“One of the features is the bridge walkway. It gives the feeling that you’re in this space-age type building, floating in the air, but there are offices at one end and futuristic type offices that are like stand-alone pods, which gives a real artistic flare to the whole thing.

“We love the exposed air conditioning ducting, exposed roof framing, the light fittings – all the exposed elements. Nothing is hidden, so it had to be built perfectly.

“Although we’re in the country this is a top level city building you’d find in Pitt Street Sydney or Collins Street Melbourne.”

The building has been entered into the Master Builders’ Association Awards for construction excellence.

“We think it’s an award winning building,” Graeme said.

“We’re proud of the building, and just want people to walk in there and go ‘wow, that’s different’.

“We want to see Wodonga and Albury and surrounding districts develop like this. We want to be the hub of Australia!”

For more information visit the Dutch Media website www.dutchmedia.com.au