Radio Man Kev’s Juggling Act

Kevin Poulton surrounded by his 'girls' - wife Maddie, Sophie, Gemma, Jasmine and Freya (baby Leo has since been added to the family!)

He’s a familiar voice behind the microphone, but home grown media man Kevin Poulton is a man who wears many hats.

The father of four has just launched a new Saturday morning lifestyle program on 2AY, but the hidden passion for this high school drop-out is encouraging young people to pursue an education.

As one of five children, it’s no surprise Kevin Poulton and his wife Maddie (from a family of four) are the proud parents of four adventurous girls themselves.

While many young dads are focussed on their careers, Kev recently bucked the trend, taking 12 months off work to spend time with his family.

“When I was young I always joked that I wanted to retire at 30,” Kev said.

“I didn’t retire, but at 32 I took almost 12 months off from working and it was great to be there for our oldest child starting school, our second child starting pre-school and when our fourth child was born. Family is very important to me.”

Kevin has carved a career as a DJ, event host, and radio personality – not bad for someone who left school after Year 10.

“A lot of people don’t realise that I was a high school drop-out,” Kev said.

“I didn’t do Year 11 or 12, and almost with the arrogance of a 16 year-old boy, thought I could always do my Year 11 or 12 later in life, but couldn’t get those two working years of my life back.

“Essentially mum, who was panicking about having this disengaged son, put me into a two week course at community radio, because she recognised I enjoyed music and drama,”

His career in entertainment and radio has continued flourish, and Kev has since obtained qualifications outside the media (in business and management).

Ironically, now Kev is a little older and wiser, and with a family of his own, education has become one of his passions.

“I’m currently Chairperson of the Albury Wodonga Community College and President of my children’s pre-school,” Kev said.

“I believe that education is a lifelong thing – you can do it at any time and forever be learning new skills, new industries and new ideas.

“Probably from having that flexibility and support at home, even though I was a school drop-out, I still managed to be successful with what I did.

“Unfortunately what I do see, particularly through community service groups in Albury Wodonga, is not everyone has that love and support from a family.

“So when they drop out of school, they just disappear – become a social security or welfare number unless they’re given the right education or tools to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

“That’s why I volunteer for those things, to make sure others get discovered and get the chance to learn and be whatever they’re meant to be here to do, and not put that lack of education to waste.”

Having grown up in the region, Kev is also passionate about his Saturday lifestyle program that’s recently started on 2AY.

“The Weekender’ is all about exposing local events, lifestyle tips, and featuring experts on anything from real estate to travel,” Kev said.

“It’s all about being proud to be local. The challenge for me is that what I’ve traditionally done on air has been music related, with a format that makes it restrictive with time to get your message across.

“With this show, we can stop and take the time and really enjoy hearing a story or finding out about something interesting you might not know about.”

The Weekender is on 2AY on Saturdays from 6:00am to 9:00am.