Last Minute Gift Ideas

Photo: TruPics

Still on the hunt for some gift ideas for Christmas? Border Cafe checked into the stylish, contemporary homewares store Smith by Design in Albury and discovered 5 great gift ideas.

Smith by Design proprietor Le-Anne Smith gets to spend her days among the most amazing scents and beautiful products in her Kiewa Street shop. With a flair for design and contemporary trends, here are her suggestions for Christmas gifts for all budgets.

Bamboo Spreaders & Cheese knife sets by Davis & Waddell

Le-Anne says: “These make great Kris Kringle presents, especially the bamboo spreaders at $10, which are used for dips and other condiments.”

Olieve and Olie skincare products

Le-Anne says: “Olieve and Olie are a certified organic brand from the Mornington Peninsula, where everything is made on their property. There’s lip balms, hand creams, soaps using natural, locally sourced ingredients. They also do a men’s shaving gel and a foot balm which is really popular. I really like the coffee scrubs, for detoxing the skin. It smells fabulous first thing in the morning.”

Neoprene Bags

Le-Anne says: “Neoprene bags are really popular right now. The material is used in wet suits, and they’ve just gone crazy. There are totes, clutches, cross bodies and cosmetic bags. When they get grubby, you simply wash them.”

A’sh candles

Le-Anne says: “These are made by two friends from Sydney and Byron Bay. Their soy candles have 80 hours burn time and I haven’t come across a fragrance of theirs I haven’t liked. Once you’ve finished with the candle, it turns into a cocktail glass.”

Henk Berg wallets and purses

Le-Anne says: “These leather wallets and little purses are made in Tasmania and are popular for those who don’t want something too big.  There’s an array of colours in the Henk Berg new Dusky Robin range, as well as a traditional line including the Princes Mary Clutch. Hank Berg still has a stall at the Salamanca Markets in Hobart.”

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