Vineyard Tour & Tasting

Scion, Rutherglen.

Ever wanted to take a wander down the rows of a vineyard with a winemaker and gain some insights into what happens behind the scenes? (complete with tastings of course!)

Join Scion’s founder, Jan as she springs back from retirement to take guests on a Tour & Tasting in the midst of this year’s vintage in Rutherglen on Saturday 3 March.

During an intimate tour, Scion will be shining a spotlight on growing Muscat to craft contemporary wine styles that offer a fresh take on a Rutherglen classic.

As you walk the rows of Muscat a Petits Grains Rouge (‘Brown Muscat’), discover why the site was chosen to plant the vineyard in 2002, taste grapes straight from the vine, learn about seasonality and how they grow two varieties of Muscat (Brown & White) to make Scion’s vibrant wine styles.

Scion cellar door.

Return to the cellar door for nibbles and a special tasting of winemaker Rowly’s aromatic whites, elegant reds and delicate dessert wines including new releases of Muscat – Scion Blonde (try, textural aromatic white) and Muscat Nouveau (single vintage fortified).


Details: Saturday 3 March, 9:00am – 10:30am. More information & bookings via Sally at Scion on 0410 635 680.