Ukulele Death Squad to Pierce Brothers – all part of a brewing good time!

Pierce Brothers to headline Great Australian Beer Festival Albury.

With the country’s best craft brewers set to converge in Albury for the Great Australian Beer Festival on 1 December, organisers are promising the entertainment will be the highlight of the day, with some big name bands and artists secured for the event.

Michael Ward, Great Australian Beer Festival Director says the live entertainment will be long remembered due to the variety of engaging acts.

“Take our headline act, Pierce Brothers – their irresistible energy and world-class live show has generated a word of mouth buzz not seen for some time,” Michael said.

Check out Pierce Brothers in action below:

“Then there’s the Ukulele Death Squad who blend their own ukulele style with Flamenco, Mexican, Rap and Folk, with an energetic performance that goes beyond anything audiences in Albury have ever seen. They will quite literally blow your minds.”

Check out Ukulele Death Squad below:

Other main stage performers include The Ocean Party, Shag Rock and Jess Fairlie Band.

If you’re after a change in pace, new this year is the Piano and Cabaret Bar, with a variety of quirky acts that will tempt participation.

Kiki Bittovabitsch

“Can you image sampling some of the best beers in the land, together with singing at the top of your lungs to songs you never knew that you remembered the words to?” Michael said.

Among the performers is Nick Rheinberger, ABC Radio’s fabulous Musical Nerd, Kiki Bittovabitsch – comedy entertainment, Musical Trivia, Show Tunes, Reflections with Paul Gibbs and more.

St Matthew’s Church will also be the venue for additional entertainment including The Great Dave – the UK’s most Gentlemanly Juggler.

For full details and tickets on an event that seems set to live up to its mantra of ‘Stimulate More Than Your Taste Buds’ visit: The Great Australian Beer Festival.

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