There’s Something in the Water in the Newsroom

Nine News Border North cameraman Brett Perston, Chris Mitchell and Ryan Selwood celebrate new additions to their families. Photo: TruPics

Things generally get pretty hectic in the Nine News Border North East newsroom with their team of reporters and cameramen chasing stories, but things have also got hectic in their private lives.

Three members of the team have become dads within six weeks of each other, with cameraman Brett Perston, Senior Journalist Chris Mitchell and cameraman Ryan Selwood all proud fathers to newborn babies.

“There’s been plenty of talk in the cooler room about changing nappies and feeding and getting up in the middle of the night, rather than the footy news we usually talk about,” Chris said.

Cameramen Brett and Ryan have their hands full.

“It’s been pretty hard on Channel Nine to give us all time off, so we thank for them that.”

Cameraman Ryan was the first to welcome a new munchkin with baby Leo born in January, followed by Chris with Ruby in February and Brett’s bub Eloise arrived in March.

“We’re all from the area and to have our families together at the same time is pretty cool,” Chris said.

“It’s nice to hear Ryan’s stories because he’s going through it for the first time. I’ve got two and Brett’s got three.”

Baby Leo in training perhaps?

While conversation may be focussed on babies for now, it won’t take long for the water cooler conversation to return to regular sports banter.

“We’ve got a Richmond, a Cat and a Demons fan, so we’re all pretty excited about that,” laughed Chris.