Fashion and Magazine GO-Getter in the Spotlight

Managing Director of GO Local Media, Bernadette Torresan. Photo: Bethany Clare Photography.

A Wodonga mum’s savvy business smarts and passion for fashion and magazines has seen her nominated for the AusMumpreneur Awards.

Managing Director of GO Local Media, Bernadette Torresan has created a seasonal print publication and a major local fashion show event, while overcoming a few of life’s challenges along the way.

Bernadette has been nominated for the AusMumpreneur Award in three categories, Business Excellence Victoria, People’s Choice Awards: Influencer and People’s Choice Awards: Making a Difference (Business).

Family is a big focus for the entrepreneurial mum. Photo: Bethany Clare Photography

While Bernadette is thrilled to be nominated, she says her success has come through ‘surviving’.

“I was fortunate to have a good work ethic instilled at a young age,” Bernadette told

“From around the age of six, I would join my family to pick grapes in our vineyard.

“Thereafter I worked my first ‘paid’ job at exactly 14 years and nine months at a local truck stop/corner store. My job was to make sandwiches every Sunday morning from 5:00am to 5:00pm.

“During all of this, I was a child exposed to a household of domestic violence, and it was at the threat of my life, that we fled the homestead in five minutes before my father could return.

“I have also overcome illnesses, such as mental health and cervical cancer, as well as the pains of a divorce and becoming a single mum amongst many other losses along the way.”

Although Bernadette concedes nothing has come easy, she couldn’t be more grateful.

“It has built the woman I am today, who is compassionate, kind, a go-getter and a wonderful businesswoman who can see opportunities, and situations through smoke and mirrors,” she said.

Among the business opportunities Bernadette has driven is the Go Fashion Show which she hopes will grow to attract national designers to Albury Wodonga and the seasonal Go Local Magazine.

Go Fashion Show publicity photo: Go Local Media Group

“To launch a career in print media at a time when online is such a force, is an inspiring achievement,” Bernadette said.

“Not only is it a successful publication, it is also placed in some of the most prestigious locations Australia wide.”

Bernadette is also nominated in the NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Award and the Telstra Women in Business Award, and has plans to expand her vision in media on a national scale.

The busy mum is happy to share some of the life lessons she’s learned along the way.

“Two important lessons would be, take time out for you!” she said.

Photo: Bethany Clare Photography

“As mothers we are constantly putting everyone before ourselves; be it our children, partners, business, friendships and extended family that we forget to look after us.

“Also, remember no one knows what works better for you than you! I have made mistakes from believing that others knew better than me.

“When you strip it all back to the core of why you start your journey, rediscovering the pathways and realizing everything you need is in you.

“It just takes passion, motivation and self-belief – the rest will come.”