Fashion Trends Warming Up

Pour Mes Amis, Vault Lane Albury. Photo: TruPics

Albury CBD women’s fashion and gift icon Pour Mes Amis is a popular destination for shoppers looking to shrug off those winter knits. Here are their tips for spring and summer wardrobe essentials.

In a word, ‘dresses’ are the wardrobe staple, according to Pour Mes Amis proprietor Nadine Trist who says this season’s styles are perfect for every size, shape and age.


“We’ve seen floral dresses and maxi dresses become very popular already, and lots of natural fibres – cottons and linens,” Nadine said.

“We’re seeing lots of rusty colours coming in, natural linen tones and white, but also plenty of floral maxi dresses.

“I think the best thing for me, and it happens all the time, is when somebody comes in saying they can’t find anything. They have an occasion or a birthday or a dinner coming up, they put on a dress and they feel nice. That’s one of my favourite parts about the day.”

Nadine Trist, Proprietor Pour Mes Amis.

Accessories are also a focus at Pour Mes Amis, which has particularly focussed on supporting local and Melbourne designers.

“I think we’re really well known for our accessories, in particular earrings. We made a big effort when Melbourne went back into lockdown to contact all of our suppliers and place orders with them and find new makers who were able to send us some goodies, so it was our way of helping them out,” Nadine said.


The team at Pour Mes Amis has definitely experienced an increase in activity as locals emerge from ‘hibernation’.

“Shrugging off winter and COVID, I think in general people are very excited to be able to get out and to go shopping,” Nadine explained.

“We do have a harsh winter here, so I think it’s also nice to strip off the layers a little.”

Pour Mes Amis has also been one of the early adopters of the Albury CBD Gift Card promotion and believes it’s more important than ever to support local.

“If people don’t’ support local businesses, many of them can’t survive things like COVID,” Nadine said.

“A lot of small businesses, even some of my suppliers have closed down and it’s heartbreaking. You put your heart and soul into it. The bigger guys can weather the storm a little better I think, so anytime girls and women are getting together and supporting each other, we should jump on it!”

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