Local Internet Start-Up Captures Global Attention

An Albury Wodonga start-up, that hopes to revolutionise sales training, has showcased its offering at CeBit Australia, the largest business technology conference and exhibition in the Asia Pacific.

The local founders of close-line.com are proud to be one of 95 companies accepted into ‘start-up alley’ at the exhibition in Sydney.

Spokesman Glen Robinson says it was a highlight, simply to be accepted.

“It’s very unique as only under 100 companies get to do it,” Glen said.

“The event is co-sponsored by CeBit, which is a global technology showcasing platform that’s run in every major country in the world once a year, so like any big showcase event, everyone from the tech world is there.”

Although in its infancy, close-line.com has already proven popular with sales professionals and organisations.

“We now have more than 4000 subscribers in 67 countries that increases daily,” Glen said.

“We want to be the first to demystify the difference between ordinary and extraordinary sales people.

“Our research supports that at present there is no other global platform that has created a centralised repository of sales knowledge that can move with industry in real time for individuals, whilst enabling private organisations the ability to integrate KPI’s and knowledge and skill sharing across their enterprise.

“We believe we have finally paired today’s technology with yesterday’s face to face sales skills,” Glen said.

For more information on the start-up visit their website: https://www.close-line.com/