New String Quartet Launches Concert Series

The Moodemere Quartet, featuring Will Chan, Jessie Swan, Caleb Murray and Tara Chambers.

Four talented young musicians hope to strike a chord with music lovers, by showcasing the stirring sounds of string instruments in some upcoming concerts.

The Moodemere Quartet is made up of musicians under 30 which banded together last September for some private gigs.

“We’ve known each other for a little while and we realised we were at a very similar level and keen to tackle some really good music,” said quartet member Jessie Swan.

The quartet will make its public debut on Sunday 28 May at Wangaratta Cathedral, with another performance planned in Albury on 4 June, and promise to showcase a variety of music.

“When people hear us as a quartet they say ‘I forgot how great strings sound,’

“String quartet music is mostly classical, but in our autumn series we’ll also be playing some jazz arrangements, some quirky 20th century cool stuff and some folk music, including a wild new folk tune arrangement from Sweden, which is pretty adventurous,” Jessie said.

The musicians hope to reconnect audiences with instruments that are not often showcased on their own.

“Often you hear brass bands and wind instruments, but it’s often very hard to hear the pure beautiful string sounds,” said Jessie.

“When people hear us as a quartet they say ‘I forgot how great strings sound,’ Jessie said.

The group is named after a winery associated with one of the members.

“We’re named after our first violinist, Tara Chamber’s parents’ winery, Lake Moodemere Estate Winery,” Jessie said.

“They’re sixth generation winemakers in the area so it’s really nice to make that connection with Tara.”

For more information on Moodemere Quartet and their autumn concerts in Wangaratta and Albury, visit their Facebook page: