‘Risk Taking’ Entrepreneurs to Share Their Stories

Eliza Brown, CEO of All Saints and St Leonards Vineyard among the guest speakers at Wednesday night's Border Leadership Forum.

Two bold thinking business leaders, including an inductee into the Australian Business Women’s Hall of Fame, hope to inspire Border and North East audiences to ‘think big’.

Wendy Simpson OAM and Eliza Brown are the guest speakers for the second Border Leadership Forum to be held on Wednesday 16 August in Wodonga.

Forum Chairman Steve Martin says it’s an opportunity to gain an insight into the journey behind two successful business leaders, and how that might inspire others.

“The thrust of the event is really having exposure to two people who have been willing to take big risks and think big, and the benefit that’s had, not just for them, but for those people around them,” Steve said.

Wendy Simpson OAM, an inductee into the Australian Business Women's Hall of Fame.
Wendy Simpson OAM, an inductee into the Australian Business Women’s Hall of Fame.

“Often risk taking is not admired that much, but it’s a huge part of how the region grows and how new things happen.

“Being brave enough to have a crack at something you’re passionate about, is something I think we should really admire and support.”

Wendy Simpson has enjoyed a broad and ground breaking career, starting out as a teacher, senior executive, CEO, entrepreneur, ambassador and mentor.

“For Wendy to step out as a successful executive, with a salary and all the things that go with it, and say ‘no, I’m actually going to run my own thing’, then go on to create her own business around property developing and so forth is fascinating,” Steve said.

“And again with Eliza, CEO of All Saints Winery at 31 and going through a big decision recently to purchase a dilapidated historic building, Mt Ophir Estate – it’s a great story about how her and her brother and sister go about making decisions as a unit.

“It will be great to find out, how these people go about making these decisions, weigh up the pros and cons and have the courage to act on them,” Steve said.

For more information and tickets to Wednesday night’s event visit the Border Leadership Forum Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/borderleadershipforum